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CBD In Organic Form – What It Is All About?

Ever since the federal government has legalized hemp-based CBD, the CBD market has started booming in leaps and bounds, and these days, you can find wide varieties of products of CBD in the market for consumers.

Did you notice one thing – you can easily find CBD products that are claiming to be organic, though, finding CBD products, which have the official approval of USDA are far too few?

Many companies that are dealing with CBD products claiming their products as organic but it is doubtful. Still, the present CBD market is quite new and largely unregulated and as a result, several companies are making false claims about their products and breaching the trust of unsuspecting consumers.

Various companies claiming their CBD products to be organic, but the actual truth is that you can hardly find any organic CBD products that are certified. If you are really interested to get a genuine organic CBD product then always prefer to buy the products from an online CBD store like JustCBDStore. Some may prefer to buy CBD from familiar websites just as Amazon. They can look for pure CBD oil Amazon UK on the interent.

What do you mean by certified organic CBD produce?

Under the farm bill of 1990, the OFPA (Organic Foods Protection Act) had come into force,  which was actually created for establishing the national standards for all food products to be labeled as “organic.”

The NOP (National Organic Program) was created through the OFPA for setting the handling, production, and processing standards of all organically-grown agricultural products. Then NOSB (National Organic Standards Board) was also created, which was responsible for standards-setting under, which the entire organic food products may be produced.

Finally, the rules for national organic standards were established in 2000 that were enacted in April month of 2001. Most of you must have seen USDA Organic Seal available on the labels of various organic food products.

What are the requirements for certified organic products?

To obtain the USDA certification, the companies need to meet several standards. The most basic need is that all the crops grown must be without using pesticides and chemicals, or even synthetic fertilizers.

To make sure that farmers are trying to meet all the industry regulations, 3rd-party testing has been introduced for assessing the growing practices.

For any certified organic hemp, the following 5 steps are to be followed to receive certification for organic hemp and that is not so easy.

  1. The company must have proper documentation starting the history, soil management, and pest control activities done and prepare a system plan for organic production.
  2. The certifying agency will then review the implementation of all the stated organic system plans.
  3. The certifying agency will also inspect the facilities and pass them after inspecting their fields that were used for cultivation, their water systems, and also soil conditions.
  4. After conducting all the inspections, the certifying agency will then review and make the necessary assessment.
  5. Finally, after satisfying all these steps, USDA will give the approval and the same has to be renewed after every year.

While finding any organic CBD products that are certified may be difficult, but that does not mean that they do not exist. Many good companies have met the organic growing standards, but yet to go through the entire USDA certification process.

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