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How does college accreditation work?

Supposing you are planning to register for a higher learning institution to study for a certificate or degree course, it is vital that before you register for any professional course in any particular institution of your choice, ensure that the course offers are accredited.

Accreditation is a form of certification whereby an independent body verifies that an academic or school program meets the minimum academic standards. This will ensure that the academic you work so hard over the years of study, and you have invested so much of your money and time means something to you at the end of the program. Here is some information by Grand Canyon university accreditation professionals and Grand Canyon University accreditation of the steps the institution goes through to attain accreditation of their entire competitive courses they offer to their students.

The entire process of getting accreditation can take between one and two years before it is fully completed and certified. The process depends on which accrediting body the institution seeks certification from. Here is the process.

Step one: identifying the accreditation to obtain

Among the US or CHEA departments of education recognized recognizing bodies, some are more respected than others due to the rigorous accrediting standards. Therefore, the more prestigious accreditation you seek, the school’s higher standards have to set and meet. Additionally, the school can also attain programmatic accreditation for some individual programs it offers, even if it has already been accredited.

Step two: identifying and satisfying the eligibility requirement

After the school has chosen the accreditation, it wants to have. It must find and meet all the eligibility requirements. During this entire time, it will be in candidacy status. This means it is in the process and not yet fully accredited. It must meet the fundamental requirement needed

Step three: submission of documentation and paperwork

The school will be required to submit the necessary documentation and paperwork to show if it qualifies for accreditation at the candidacy status. Here it has to submit information about its faculty, class syllabi, school financial viability, degree requirements, student samples work, and graduation requirement.

Step four: evaluation

This step is where the commission members from the accreditation agency will review the school characteristics and accomplishments that will determine if the accreditation they want is warranted. This process includes an onsite visit to school and documentation review.

Step five: decision-making

This is the final stage where a decision will be made about the accreditation process. Until the decision is made, the school will still be required to provide all the financial status and academic details.

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