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Complete CBSE guides for students and their parents

Education is a vital part of our life and helps in building up our future by the learning process. The educational life not prepares us for the future but also shapes our personality. The board exams are the important stages of the life especially in India where the board marks play an important role in the undergraduate courses. As the time of CBSE board exams are near and exams around the corner. You must have started your preparation by now and looking for every guidance you can get. The board exams are not only a stage of test for the children but parents also. Along the students, the parents also have contributed indirectly to the exams. Here are some complete guides that will help and your parents to get prepare for the CBSE exams.


Below are some of the online portals that offer complete CBSE guide for the students and their parents.


BYJU’S – The platform is very much popular for its study material and provides quality of content. In case you are looking for the place where you can find all the study material all at once, the website is for you. You will find a variety of courses and every need information. The guides are prepared by the professional to make sure the CBSE students get prepared well for their exams. The students can find the CBSE guides for a 6th standard up to 12th standard. All you need to do is just download the complete guide and study it with the help of your parents.


myCBSEguide– This another website that’s ever the students when it comes getting all the study material from one place. On the website, the students can explore an endless number of guides related to the CBSE syllabus. The complete guide on the website has been prepared as the parents can also help to their children while studying the guides. You will find the guides also on the basis of the subject or standards and download them.– The most authentic and original website that you could find on the internet for the complete CBSE guide. The guides available at this website is the most simple and effective one. The guides are prepared with very much of research and preparation after studying the today’s students behavior. The chapters of the subjects are divided by hours, so students know how much time they had to invest in each chapter. The best part of the website is that you can easily find any complete guide and especially for the parents.


AskIITians– This one of the best websites available that students can trust for their preparation. The website offers a complete guide for different CBSE exams and you can download them anytime. The guides available at the askiitian is the preferable one as it based on the previous papers and contains the material that will boost up your confidence. Apart from this, the other best thing about the website is that you will regularly get the suggestion and tips to study from the professionals. The tips and suggestion will help you planning your preparation smartly and you score the maximum marks in the coming exams.


All the above-mentioned websites are among the best portals that will help you in getting the complete CBSE guides for your exam preparation. These guides are prepared by considering the parent’s role in the education so you should have them if want the maximum results. Make sure to download the best complete guide and shred it with your parents and score the best marks.



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