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Quick Tips For Mature Massage Therapy Students in St John’s

Quick Tips For Mature Massage Therapy Students

Deciding to go back to school or change your career is not an easy feat. Being a mature student, you are faced with added challenges, as you probably are working and have a family to attend to.
Luckily, with online courses including various IT programs and online massage therapy training in St. John’s, you can successfully make the changes you want in your life. Online programs provide flexible hours and allow you to multitask and juggle your other responsibilities, as well. That said, below are some tips that will help to make it easier for you, a mature student, looking
to enroll in massage therapy training in St. John’s.

Accelerated Program

This is by far the best choice for a mature student. Accelerated programs will help you make the best of your time. You get to complete it in record time, allowing you to get back to work faster and continue supporting your family and meeting other financial obligations you might have,
including your mortgage.

Be Organized

You cannot afford not to be organised.Simply put, being organised will be your saviour as you go back to school. You will need to organise your study, work and reading materials according to the courses at hand. You could also have a filing system which will better help you stay on top of all your responsibilities.

Additionally, you will find it worthwhile managing your time. For this, you could have a large whiteboard or a large desk calendar for this. This will help you to keep track of all your tests
and assignments. You should learn to plan your days and weeks, bearing in mind all the important deadlines for tests and projects. Prioritizing will allow you to stay ahead of everything and learn when it is not the best time to take up an extra shift at your workplace.

Complete your homework

Ensure that every day you have time to complete the homework assigned. If you have young ones, it would be fun to schedule a homework date with your kids. This way, you will kill two birds with one stone. No, make that three birds. You will bond with your kids, help them
with their homework and complete yours, as well. However, if this proves to be a little distracting, you could try doing it alone.


Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is every student’s worst enemy. As a mature student, there is a lot at stake and you cannot afford to procrastinate. Yes, you will be tempted, and it might be hard to beat the
temptation, but be that as it may, for you to achieve the goals ahead of you, you need to remain on track and complete every assignment, project and test at its allocated time. Try to cultivate the mindset that the sooner you get the job done, the sooner you can relax.


Going back to school is no easy feat. It is life changing and a difficult process. However, if you do it right, your efforts will pay off. Massage therapy will provide you with a rewarding and fulfilling career, and one with flexible hours and lucrative returns. If you are unsure of the courses to take, be sure to consider the various IT programs available, as well.



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