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Study Abroad in Japan on a Budget

While deciding to go abroad for a graduate or postgraduate degree, Japan is a less popular choice that students opt for. Is it because the language barrier is a hindrance for foreigners? Or is the education system not up to the mark? Certainly not!

Despite Japan being breathtaking to visit, the foremost concern of individuals planning to study there is managing in the insanely expensive state. Ironically, the two realities go hand in hand as nobody considers the country a bad option except for the cost.

How To Minimize The Cost Of A Study Program In Japan

You can efficiently manage your expenses before setting foot in the country with the help of some money-saving tips and insider knowledge.

And in addition to opting for direct enrollment in a Japanese university to avoid third-party provider costs, it is highly recommended to enroll in a low-cost language class rather than the high-budget traditional semester programs.

However, these aren’t the only charges that are worrisome. There is definitely more to worry about!

In order to control travel and food expenses, the best advice would be to locate good convenient stores such as the ‘100-yen’ shops where set meals and groceries are available at economical prices.

Japanese restaurants also offer cheap lunch deals, which are basically their dinner dishes at reduced prices. Otherwise, cooking yourself in your free time is a great option too!

Cutting back on accommodation costs can be made easy through residing in shared dorms or well-known Japanese capsule hotels. Simultaneously, travel expenses can be minimized with alternatives such as the metro that ranges from 100 to 300 yen for a single journey.

Students can also avail of the Japan rail pass that provides unlimited use of Japan’s extensive train system in a given amount. However, the most economical choice is taking the bus.

Japan Won’t Disappoint!

Being a student with roaring ambitions, the country is guaranteed to be memorable for those looking for a safe country with good terrain and unique cuisine. Why not add a few karaoke sessions for fun? Start planning!

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