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How to prepare for NMAT online,

Registrations are already closed for the NMAT 2019 that will be held from October 4 to December 17. NMAT allows you to take two retakes within one admission cycle if you think you have not fared quite well in your first attempt. So, all those who want to beat the NMAT 2020 race or improve NMAT 2019 scores read on. Many CAT exam takers will also be taking the NMAT 2020. The following tips are also for them:

Know the exam pattern

NMAT 2020 syllabus is expected to be same as before. Some minor additions may be announced in GMAC website and please keep a tab on that. Though NMAT syllabus and sections are similar to CAT exam, the pattern is somewhat different. CAT exam comprises the MCQ as well as non-MCQ type questions and there is -1 marking for wrong answer on the MCQ questions. NMAT is wholly MCQ type online exam and there is no negative marking. There are three sections in NMAT:

Language section

The language section of NMAT tests for English comprehension and usage skills. The section comprises of 32 MCQ type questions and each question carries 3 marks. Questions are based on comprehension passages and correct use of grammar, words, idioms and phrases. You can expect fill-ups, para jumbles, word-meaning, and synonyms /antonyms type of questions in this section. If you have good proficiency over English just maintain your good RWSL habits, what that means? Well it means reading, writing, speaking and listening, with more weight on the first two.

Reasoning section

Many exam takers are afraid of this section as they may suffer from IQ complex problem. Yes, the high IQ people do have an advantage over question cracking speed, but ultimately, it’s all about speed, right? How quick you are able to grasp and come up with the answer.

Another superior feature which high IQ people claim is the ability to solve correctly the new kind problems. Well you may the high IQ one, but what makes you think others aren’t? At the top the race is among the best. For the time being keep aside the concern over high and low IQ and new and old problem. Let us focus on making the brain run like a well-oiled machine no matter what its initial capacity. Speed can be increased through drill as well. The important thing is you want to get high scores and make it to the top rung MBA institute. You are all you can work on.

So, become a free body, just focus on own self and how to increase your speed and increase own brain ability. Understand each problem and solve, you may find that you are slow at first but speed will definitely improve. Start with easy level problems and then scale up the difficulty level. Don’t worry if some problems seem rather difficult and something you don’t understand at all. It can be a print mistake or just a goofy, everyone faces these issues. Do not jump on the hard ones at the start just to test your brain brawn. As far as new and old is concerned, they are made of the same elements, so become elementary as the famous Sherlock Holmes would say.

Quantitative section

The quantitative section is all Maths of the class 10 level and somewhat of the +2 level. You would really need to work on your quantitative aptitude if you have neglected your school Maths. Also, if after 10 or 12 you left Maths. But that was then, you were just a child. Now you are much grown up and past knowledge which seemed new then will seem much familiar now. So, pick up your high school and higher secondary Maths books and work through the pages like a worm. Yes, all text, examples and problems and review exercises. Do not leave out anything. In the end you are sure to emerge out as a more capable being. You would have changed your brain in the most wonderful manner and that is really an asset.

To conclude

This discourse can go on, yet now to sum quickly, wishing you all good luck and ending here with a few recap tips:

  • Attempt topic wise practice
  • Attempt review set practice
  • Improve your reading skills
  • Strengthen your vocabulary
  • Attempt NMAT mock tests
  • Attempt previous year papers
  • Keep a positive mindset

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