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Why is Maths so Important?

Qualifications and certification are a measurement of success here in Singapore. The job market is tough and competitive in Singapore, where employers are selective based on background, education, and age. Many youth or young adults find themselves experiencing a quarter-life crisis which has become a common term used locally. This is the reason why children should start from young and build their success progressively.

At age 11, most children are in primary 5 preparing for a major examination coming up in their life, the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). English, Mathematics, and Science are the three core subjects that ensure that children are equipped with the basic knowledge to tackle secondary school. Primary 5 math tuition centres enable these children in strengthening their foundation of the mathematics subject. During this age, foundation and understanding are crucial aspects to the children’s ability to perform or keep up with their peers in school. When the children have a firm understanding of the subject, they can solve the problem with ease as they use the fundamentals to their advantage. This is how education should be imparted to children rather than going through the motions or memorizing information only to forget them later.

The tutors from tuition centres can cater to the children on a personal level which aid in better understanding and clearing of doubts. This experience differs greatly from schools as the teacher to student ratio is 1:40 which can result in unintentional negligence. Tuition centres can also adjust the progress and speed of education to meet the capability of the children. Parents and educators need to understand that children have different learning speed and some of them might have a steeper learning curve as compared to others. Good tuition centres can modify teaching materials or use other creative methods to help children with steep learning curves to understand and learn better. This is something that schools are unable to always do due to budget and time constraints. Some children do attend tuition centres to get a head start from their peers. Tuition centres do not only help those who are weak in their academics but also those who excel in them. These children may require tuition to maintain a higher standard of results.

Tuition centres do cater to different needs of the children to help them improve or maintain their grades. However, grades do not determine everything as the child’s education journey is more important than having good grades. Tuition centres do provide enrichment lessons that contribute to the overall learning journey of the children. This can also be another consideration for parents to engage in a tuition centre for their children. Therefore, an investment in a good tuition centre is an investment in your child’s future.

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