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Ways to Create a Positive Environment in The Classroom Beneficial for Future Educators

It’s really important for teachers to create a positive and engaging classroom atmosphere. It is evident that with a positive classroom atmosphere, students learn better and engage more which means that it is one of the most effective and powerful tools teachers can use to encourage learning among children. A lot of factors are related to a positive classroom atmosphere, one important factor being the way teachers respond to children’s behaviour. Teachers’ responses to children’s behaviour will help to set the tone of the class environment. This blog will also focus on the teachers’ role in creating a positive classroom atmosphere and the importance of inculcating these traits for the learners of the online nursery teacher training courses.

A positive classroom environment yields confident students who are motivated to learn. Creating a such a learning atmosphere is not that difficult, but the rewards are immense and far-reaching. Achieving this improves one’s professional achievement as a teacher and the success of the students he/she is charged with teaching.

  1. Make the students feel comfortable

An important part of creating a positive classroom environment is to make the students feel like the teacher wants them to be there. To talk, teach and communicate positively with the young learners, the body language and tone of voice will also play important roles in comforting them and it is a must for every learner of the online nursery teacher training courses to know about this trait and inculcate it in his/her teaching style.

  1. Avoid being agitated

The key to maintaining a positive attitude in the class for any teacher is to control and conceal his/her anger on the young learners. Remembering that the students are still developing social awareness as well as skills should give that extra bit of patience when required. The early childhood educators can find it difficult to keep their emotions and actions in check while in the classroom but they should learn how to control their emotions, especially anger, while pursuing the online nursery teacher training courses before they start their career in the sphere of early childhood education.

  1. Maintain professionalism

The teacher has to keep him/herself professional when it comes to work, especially in teaching. He/she can’t spend a whole hour yelling at students and need to keep his/her calm. An early childhood educator also needs to think each day that how he/she spends the time in the classroom and take it as a new opportunity to foster learning and that moment is unique in both his/her and also in that of the students. So, it is important for the learners of the online nursery teacher training courses always to try their best to conquer the things that are annoying them in the class and make the overall teaching-learning procedure more impactful.

  1. Acceptance

Not all kids were born with the same skills and abilities, or raised in the same environment. Students’ knowledge over the world may vary from one another, so teachers should be open and patient to the ones who are asking questions or doing something that seems less than intelligent, and help them to solve their problems. The future early childhood educators should be open to accept every kind of student and cater to their development in the right way, making it a positive learning environment in the classroom and thus catering to the development of the young learners in a positive manner.

  1. Positive communication with parents

A future early childhood educator should learn the trait to praise the children frequently and find something positive to say about each student. This is a positive communication that reaches the parents back home, which is actually very is important. Parents like to hear about what their kids are doing, and kids love to be complimented in the presence of their parents. This helps in developing an environment conducive for the development of the overall teaching-learning procedure.

There are a number of instances where the positive environment of a classroom has helped in the development of the young learners, with due credit to the teachers who have successfully learnt the trait of making a classroom the best place for the children to foster a positive mindset. The aforementioned ways of developing a positive environment in the class should be understood and implemented by educators of a 21st century classroom, who should enrol in online nursery teacher training courses and preparing themselves for a challenging yet rewarding career in the near future.

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