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Awesome Gifts for Curious Young Minds

Getting gifts for kids isn’t always a straightforward proposition. When you try to go for whatever new toy fad is coming up high on the search engines, it could be old news by the next week. Moreover, it might hold a kid’s interest for only a day or two. Gift shopping for kids who are naturally curious and get excited about learning new things is a little bit easier. You have a wide range of fun things to choose from. A lot of great gifts can give kids a welcome opportunity to learn more about what they’re interested in and help inspire a lifelong love of learning. Here are some unique gift ideas for the young learner in your life.

Educational Materials About Animals

People who are animal lovers typically develop their love for animals at an early age, so gifts that help kids learn about the animal kingdom can make a big impact on them. You can gift a recorded series about someone’s favorite kind of animals or animals in general. You might also consider a subscription to an animal-themed magazine geared towards young readers that’s available digitally or in print.

Science Kits and Engineering Discovery Sets

Giving a kid a kit that will help them learn about science and engineering stimulates their interest in learning about the world around them and gives them a hands-on way to understand the somewhat complex subject matter and concepts. Check out Thinker Trove for a variety of science-themed educational toys in addition to some traditional popular toy categories such as building sets and pretend play sets.

Microscope Kit

Not all microscopes are super-expensive scientific instruments. You can get a kid a really affordable microscope that comes complete with slides and even a few samples of interesting things to view in microscopic detail. Many microscopes are lightweight and fairly durable. They’re great to take outdoors so kids can get an extra close-up view of anything that catches their eye.

Learning Games

Learning-themed games are a fun way to introduce kids to new areas of study that enables them to learn without any study. Games that incorporate math and strategy are a welcome change of pace from games where heroes square off against villains or players compete against one another in a race. Learning games will typically come with different skill levels built-in, so kids won’t age out of them quickly but rather can move onto new skill levels as their understanding develops.


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