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Choosing the Best Student Accommodation in Southampton

Southampton is a city where thousands of students enjoy a life of work, study and comfortable living. However, many potential students about to embark on study in the south coast city, are unsure where to begin the search for acceptable accommodation.

Studio apartments are available in Southampton. Moreover, the stylish digs are close to Southampton University. Finding student accommodation in Southampton, or in the neighbouring south coast city of Portsmouth, should not be a daunting process.

Accommodation for young people seeking further education and a university degree, has come a long way from the days of the hit TV series, The Young Ones. Today, digs are stylish, accommodating, relaxing, and clean and fit for purpose.

The studio apartments are innovative in design, spacious throughout, comfortable and provide ample space for storage. The stylish apartments are fully equipped with a creative and safe environment in which to study and live in.


Billing is simple. One payment will cover all the amenities. There are no unexpected bills or added on extras. Wi-Fi comes readily provided and watching television is free with no licence fee necessary up front.

In fact, students need not worry about the bills for water, heating, electricity, gas or housing insurance.

Southampton students who are in a relationship, can find double rooms to share with a best friend or partner. At University Life, costs can be shared between you and a friend or partner, should you wish to share an apartment. Moreover, the other partner does not necessarily have to be a fellow student. There is a small couples’ supplement to pay for renting the double room student apartments.

Amenities and Facilities Available

  • Free Netflix in your own studio apartment
  • External CCTV for security and internally throughout the shared spaces
  • Digital Television. All studio apartments have a brand new SMART TV for entertainment.
  • Contents Insurance. Everything inside your room is automatically covered against fire, theft or flooding. The cover limit is £6,000.
  • Super, ultra-fast Wi-Fi throughout the complex. Always on and connected in the shared spaces and studio apartments.
  • Free laundry credits. Each apartment block has a laundry room requiring tokens to wash and dry clothing.
  • Free breakfast at the Park House and Middle Street Building. Free tea and coffee is available to students here too.

University Life has never been this modern and luxurious. Stylish apartments can be found in Southampton and Portsmouth at UniLife.

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