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Why learning professional language is necessary?

Surely you will have already taken English lessons especially during your school career.Courses for learning grammar, mastering English vocabulary, perfecting your oral presentation or memorizing irregular verbs have not unfortunately allowed you to become bilingual. Learning a foreign language is much more complex than it may seem.If you have never had the opportunity to take courses and your starting level is close to 0 then do not worry. You can get the best learning opportunity with Discover some features of the language as well as reinforce your language level. The history of English can be divided into different distinct periods.

History of English literature

Old English before 700 when the Germanic tribes arrive in Britain.The Angles, the Saxons and their migratory flow are the origin of the Old English.The language evolves up to 1100 and some known terms leave the imprint.Between the 8th and 9th centuries, the arrival of ancient Iceland by the Vikings marked a new turn of the English language. Norman the language spoken at the time has a direct impact on English.French becomes the language of nobility while English remains the language of the people. In 1362 English is still recognized as the official language of the courts. Then Henry IV will have English and not French as a mother tongue. Later the official documents of the nobility will therefore be exclusively in English. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth century English took shape as regards its structure. In fact it speaks of professional English to get a job in abroad.

English in the world

In particular in the world of work and finance and international relations English is the most spoken language in the world. Over 450 million people have English as their mother tongue. Over 750 million speak English as a foreign language. English remains the first language taught in the world. But why should you learn the language and take English courses? Because speaking English is in fashion. Did not you notice that everyone around you uses English terms? In order not to be a looser throw yourself into the little practice of English as you speak German too. English is the most used language on the internet and especially on news sites. If you want to keep informed about current events in the world you will have to master English.

Conclusion: Stay connected

English is a considerable advantage in the world of work. To communicate in the business world but also to work in tourism, in catering and in translations, English should be studied in priority. The opening of borders and globalization only increase this observation. Today you communicate in English from one end of the world to the other, you pass orders and you do business online. Pronunciation is often the central problem in learning English. Why not fix it?

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