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5 things you did not know Python could do!

Python is currently one of the top-three programming languages in the world. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Python is everywhere as told to us by PST Analytics, a leading Python training institute; most coders consider it their favorite programming language as it is easy to learn and easy to implement. It isn’t just that Python is the most popular programming language of the present; one can also expect it to continue being the favorite in the programming-world in the near future. It is widely popular with data scientists and entrepreneurs, which are currently considered the hottest ways to earn a living.

The best thing about Python is its clean and simple syntax that can be mastered by people of all levels of proficiency. Additionally, a massive community-run library is also available, which means that programmers have access to millions of lines of code created by some of the best programmers the world has. This has led to Python being used in some unlikely and surprising places. Here are five things you did not know Python could do:

Python is being used by Scientists to study Glaciology and Climate Change

An example of how vast the impact of Python is on today’s world is that it is being used by the scientists of the Concordia Research Station in Antarctica. The Concordia is a research facility jointly run by the French and Italian governments and is the center for the study of glaciology and climate change among many other things. Python is basically used by these scientists for both data collection and data mapping. This is just one of the applications of Python in scientific studies. Scientists all over the world use the AI and ML tools in their data collection, graphing, and analysis.

Python has surprising applications on platforms online.

Python sees the massive application in some of the most popular online platforms. One such popular application is seen in MMPOGs. MMPOGs or massively multiplayer online games are those that see a huge number of players playing a game online at the same time. These types of online games have been known to use a variant of Python called Stackless Python that allows for countless iteration.

Another cool thing that people can do using Python is art. This is probably one of the most surprising ways to use this programming language, but Python Art aficionados swear by it and also claim that it has helped them learn Python quicker and understand it better.

Python can also be used for home automation to increase privacy and security. Most of the appliances that are now being used are “smart.” Hence, using variants of Python, like Raspberry PI, for example, people can build their own home automation systems. The basic advantage with this is that firstly, there is a lot more privacy and security to creating your own system and secondly, Python is all about ease and convenience. So, it can be easy working with Python as compared to other options.

Some of the most popular websites and social media sites that are widely popular today are based on Python. Some of the popular names include Instagram, Quora, Reddit, and Dropbox, to name a few. Python being an Object-Oriented language is great for web development. People have a wide variety of options to choose from, like Django (used by Instagram), Pyramid, and micro-frameworks like Flask and Bottle. Thus, people with enough knowledge can build websites from scratch using drag and drop features of the web framework.

Python and Machine Learning capabilities

Automated and smart hardware is currently in. People are using microcircuits and programming to automate stuff even around the home. Whether it loT enabled devices or things that work with radio controllers, the future of automation can be revolutionized (and it is probably being done right now) with Python as the programming language. MicroPython simplifies the concept of programming microcontrollers. It is so simple that Python wants people to do the coding directly on the device. The basic advantage with Python is that it is so simple and so beginner-friendly that it is possible to write a simple and efficient code in Python rather than having to depend on complex low-level languages.

Python in Robotics

Another popular and surprising area which is currently seeing an increase in Python use is Robotics. For people who have at least a basic understanding of robotics, it is obvious that programming is the key. A program is the set of instructions using which the robot performs various tasks. Previously, people used low-level languages like Arduino, but currently, there is a definite shift to Python and Raspberry Pi. The popularity of Python is obviously because of its ML capabilities, and it is also being used in Robot Operating Software development.

Browser Automation

Did you know that you can make your browser more convenient with Python? Browser automation can be made possible with Python, and using this, you can program your browser to do cool things. A fine example of the application of Python in browser automation is programming it to create social media posts without your intervention.


Just looking at the various non-conventional applications of Python, it is obvious that it is a many-headed serpent with a lot of hidden potentials. What people do with Python today is just a fraction of what can be done! It has strong points in a number of necessary and up and coming requirements of the future, some of which include applications in web development, machine learning, and AI. Hence, for graduates and undergraduates who are looking to join the modern workforce, having a thorough and in-depth knowledge of this programming language can be beneficial in opening up new career paths. Though having the latest software and programming knowledge is important, it is as important to acquire this knowledge at the hands of experienced and knowledgeable instructors. This is why it is important to get training from renowned institutions like PST Analytics. With great training programs and expert teaching faculty, PST Analytics is probably one of the best software training institutes in India today.

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