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Make a Difference with an Associate in Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in response to the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. The job of the DHS is to protect U.S. citizens from attacks by protecting the country’s borders, including airports, seaports, and waterways. The department also responds to natural disasters and is continuously developing and testing new security technology.

Who Works in DHS?

A career in this field could mean working with local communities, governments, and businesses to ensure the safety and security for its people and its infrastructure. Whether you enjoy analyzing data or working with the public, there is no lack of opportunity.

Typical positions in this field include law enforcement, immigration, mission support, travel security, or prevention and response. Often those who enjoy working under pressure, solving problems, can follow safety protocol and is physically fit are attracted and attractive candidate for these types of positions.

What is Attractive About This Career?

According to Payscale, the average salary for those employed with the U.S DHS is $75,000. That is more than the national average, and with tuition costs only totally around $7,000-$27,000 for the associate degree online, which will typically take about two years to complete, sounds like a pretty good return investment.

Working in this career field also means competitive employee benefits, options for work flexibility, potential for performance-based incentives, and job stability. When you earn your associate in Homeland Security online, it can help you secure an entry-level position upon graduation, or it can be the next step in pursuing further education in the field.

Why Earn Your Associate in Homeland Security Online?

According to an online learning survey, over 3 million students are enrolled in fully online programs, and the number is growing. Pursuing your associate degree online means:

  • A flexible schedule that allows more room to balance work, family commitments and or travel
  • No transportation and nearby housing or printing expenses
  • You can conveniently take courses at home or anywhere in the world
  • Learn at your own pace

While earning your degree, you will learn the foundation of the country’s security systems and pick up on specialized skills that will prepare you for the job.

Can an Associate Degree in Homeland Security Make a Difference?

DHS’s goal is to keep America safe.People who enjoy helping others typically go into this field because:

  • It allows them to use their skills, passions and strengths for good.
  • The day to day allows for challenges and thinking on your feet.
  • Working in this field gives you a unique set of experiences that cannot be found in many other careers, such as stopping and preventing crime, saving lives, and helping others in times of need and stress.

Final Note

Do you think a career in Homeland Security sounds like a rewarding job choice? Getting your associate degree in Homeland Security can be done online. If you want to know more about DHS and what your future could look like, learn more here to find out!



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