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Top 5 Essay writing tips


Essay writing is a common practice in schools. The writing itself is not easy, and once in a while, students may get stuck with their essays. It needs a lot of planning to write the best one. Do not rush to give yourself an easy time to ensure that your professor is satisfied with your work. In this article, we will discuss five best tips that can help you compose a great essay.

Five best essay writing tips

  1. Brainstorm/ Read the prompts for an in-depth understanding

Before you start writing, read carefully through the instructions, and understand. Know what you are being asked to do. Do not just jump into writing the essay without knowing what you are supposed to write on.

Write down an outline of what your essay will involve. Organize your thoughts, opinions, facts together to create a good flow of your essay from https://best-essay-services.com/.

  1. Create a thesis statement.

A thesis stamen involves the main ideas of your essay. It introduces what readers should expect in the article. It is usually one or two sentences. After creating an outline of how you want to organize your thoughts, you need now to create a thesis statement.

A thesis statement should bring out the purpose of the essay. Your outline will help you develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement should answer the problem. The thesis should be in the introduction and make sure you continuously refer to it as you flow with your essay.

  1. Write an introduction

After you create the thesis statement, and finalize writing the body of your essay, develop an introduction of the article. The introduction should be fascinating to grab the readers’ attention. It should allow the reader to continue reading your essay. A lousy introduction is a turn off to the reader. He will not continue reading your article.

Use the best hook, exciting story, shocking revelation, a quote, or a summary of the topic to start the introduction. The hook should be tied with the thesis statement from https://www.nytimes.com/.

  1. Write the body

In the body, you are supposed to describe or argue on the topic. The main ideas you listed in the outline should be well discussed here. Each paragraph should introduce each concept. These paragraphs must have an introduction sentence to the primary purpose.

Explaining these ideas comes after the main introductory sentence backed up with credible information. Cite all the reference materials and the direct quotes according to the format you asked.

  1. Write the conclusion and proofread

Make sure you have organized your points well. The essay should not be too long, as you may lose track of your writing. A conclusion summarizes what you have covered in the paper. It should be short, comprising 4-5 sentences. Do not add new ideas in conclusion, but you can restate the thesis statement.

After you write the conclusion, go through it to correct all the mistakes that are in the paper. Correct all the grammar mistakes and all the ones that may arise.


Essay writing is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and time. In this article, we have discussed the five best essay writing tips for your essay.

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