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Tips for students studying abroad

Years spent in college is a crucial part of personality formation. Probably after a year of college preparation and all the exams, you think that the new semester is the right time to throw a party. Though students’ life comes along with the association of total fun, this is a time of your life that should be taken seriously. College experience brings a lot of temptation, but keep in mind these simple rules to invest in your studying properly.

Time to Create a Life-long Friendship

People surrounding you on campus are your potential friends not only until the end of your study program. Some of them will stick around through the whole life journey. For students leaving their homes and traveling to study overseas, this process may be accompanied by homesickness and the right people by the side is the best treatment. Making friends right away will ease many issues from sharing the dorms, books, information to the last penny once you run out of money. And believe or not, but this is what happens with students constantly.

Many universities and colleges support their alumni and have quite a strong community. At the later stages, college mates can help with internships or even a job. This is a great opportunity to become a part of the international community of professionals, which broadens career perspectives.

College is the Young Warrior’s Training

Adult life has many benefits. No one controls you and there is no need to report about every action. This is where all the romance comes to the end. Now you are in charge of your own groceries, meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, and overall housing. This may be exhausting, but in the end, it teaches you how to be more organized, disciplined, and know how to take care of your life. To conclude, studying is not only about the major you have chosen, grades, and finals, it is mainly a learning process on how to become a responsible grown-up.

Take Over Your Life

For many freshmen studying is a chance to move to a bigger city, another state, or even a country. There is no time for rollout. Students have to handle a lot since day one of the semester. To keep up with the new harsh schedule follow these pieces of advice:

  • Proper time management. Having a lot on your plate including studying, socialization and housekeeping may lead to exhaustion. Create a daily or weekly to-do list making sure to spare some time for a hobby, entertainment, and hanging out.
  • Exercises and health. Sport makes a person stronger and more organized. It has a huge impact on our physical and mental health to disregard it. Find at least 15 minutes per day to do gymnastics, yoga, or go for a quick run.
  • Healthy diet. Many students gain weight during their first year in college. No wonder why. Fast junk food becomes a base of the diet. Try to eat healthily. Include enough fruits and vegetables in your daily ration to have enough energy to keep the brains active.
  • Get enough sleep. Term papers and exams turn life into a sleepless marathon. This habit may cost you a fortune as it leads to health issues and negatively impacts the level of concentration. 7-8 hours of daily sleep will reduce stress and increase productivity.

Keep up with Your Study

College is not only a new life experience. First of all, it is about very fundamental skills you gain for the future profession. It is a big mistake to be thoughtless and don’t pay enough attention to class preparation.

A diploma score will be the first line to place in your CV and it reflects how hard you worked during the years in college, how motivated and inspired you are about your profession. Many college professors are real practitioners, who run their own businesses or often hold senior positions in government. Learning from them is an excellent investment in a future career. Some hardworking and talented students even get the first job offer from their college professors. Even if this is not happening, you can receive a good recommendation. Remember, all your efforts are being noticed and will be paid off later on.

Become Bilingual by Studying Abroad

Studying in a foreign language is another challenge to accept. It means that you need to work twice as hard as a native speaker. However, once you overcome the language barrier you will have an extra advantage over them – speaking two or more languages. This greatly increases the chances in the job market. This is what should be done for fast and painless adjustment to a new language:

  • Decrease the communication in your native language for a while.
  • Read more professional literature and listen to podcasts.
  • Make friends among native speakers and ask them to correct you.
  • Write the term papers and essay to learn how to structure your thoughts in a foreign language. Don’t forget to fix the grammar mistakes and make spellcheck before turning it in.

Watch out the Money

It’s important to take care of your finances. Money topic is very touchy for many students, as they do not know how to manage personal finances. Learn splitting the money evenly through the month and make a stash. This way you will not be overstressed because of money issues rather stay concentrated on your lectures.

Students also get many discounts. It will not hurt to check the relevant offers and save extra money on groceries or rent payments. Once you are on the track, it makes sense to start looking for a part-time job. A few hours in the evening can give you extra income enough to get a new sweater or meet your friends at the bar.

The students’ life is not as stressful as it may seem first. Just take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the process.

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