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Creative Writing Services to Become a Master: Sample Online Courses to Sharpen Your Skills

Any craft or skill can be sharpened with continued training and practice. Writing ability has become an essential skill demanded in different workplace environment. Assertiveness and aptitude in the use of words especially with creative writing services can facilitate action, inspire change and lead readers towards success.

With the internet taking over digital media, the demand for individuals with proficient skills in writing has escalated rather quickly. Writers are needed for social media content writing, blogs, emails, articles, e-magazines, e-books and other forms of communications. Writing is not just a talent or ability that you inherit. You become better at it when you practice and spend time and effort for it. Although you are good at writing, you can learn more techniques to improve your abilities using the internet itself.


There are probably hundreds of companies, universities and schools offering online writing courses to help individuals improve writing skills. Depending on how or what areas of writing you need to develop you can find specific Courses to take without leaving the comforts of home. Here are some of online courses and the companies/schools offering them.


AP English Language Composition Course by the Tennessee Board of Regents


For those who wish to become eloquent writers and readers, the Tennessee Board of Regents has formulated the AP English Language Composition Course. By enrolling in this course, students will develop writing aptitude for different situations such as analytical, persuasive and argumentative writing. One very important skill that students also learn from this is developing their understanding of how they should evaluate and use researched content from different sources.


English Writing and Composition Course by the Arizona State University


One good thing about online courses is that they are short enough for you to complete even if they are already considered as college-level courses. The Arizona State University offers an 8-week intensive English Language Writing and Composition Course to help students learn vital written communication skills. Enrolling in this course will help build solid grammar and composition for different level students from high-school and higher.


Writing for New Writers by OpenLearning


Individuals starting out in the writing business can take advantage of online courses for new writers to develop their skills and knowledge in writing. This course offered by OpenLearning will give you a run through of everything related to writing, from simple paragraph constructions, expression of ideas using complex sentence structures, the right placement of punctuation and other tips and tricks. Even if you think that you know the basics, taking these kind of online course will actually refresh and remind you of some things you might have overlooked or have forgotten.


English Grammar and Essay Writing Course by University of California


If you wish to develop your academic and business writing techniques, you can avail of this English Grammar and Essay Writing Course offered by the University of California. Learn how to avoid errors in grammar, expound your vocabulary and learn perceptive experience in proofreading and editing essays. Expect learning materials in form of readings and videos to be provided, as well as assignments which will be given to assess your progress.


These are just a few of the courses that you can take online to learn more about the components of writing, grammar and composition. After completing short courses, your overall written communication skills will drastically improve and it will be noticeable in essays, emails, applications, articles and social media compositions that you write.


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